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Lourdes Corujo Financial Services

 Lourdes Corujo Financial Services

Financial Advisor


Advice You Can Trust

Lourdes Corujo Financial Services was founded with the goal of assisting our clients in every aspect of their financial life. We aim to provide the most personal service available. Every great organization holds to a set of core beliefs that are shared by its members. Over the years, we have established these values, which serve as our guiding principles.


Our commitment to long term relationships permeates everything we do. We provide continuing support and advice, and we strive to be available, attentive, reliable, and proactive. 

Disciplined Approach

We employ a rigorous proven process that addresses all the components of a sound financial plan. We design financial plans customized to fit your financial situation and objectives.


We believe constant communication is critical. We believe in a open and honest communication. We encourage you to tell us when you are confused or unhappy. We work hard to address dress your concerns.

Follow Through

We believe that financial planning is an ongoing process, and the initial plan is just a starting point.